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Established & Respected Presenters
All our presenters are well-known members of the court reporting community, each one possessing years of experience within our profession. Every webinar will be informative, interesting, and will help you improve your professional life.

About our Webinar Presenters...

We choose our presenters very carefully. It is one thing to know a lot about a subject but quite another to be able to explain it well or articulate it understandably. Our speakers are chosen because they possess a great deal of expertise and because they know how to deliver their content in ways that are both comprehensible and helpful. Our goal is to ensure that every webinar is chock-full of content that you can understand and make use of in your career.

Presenter Name: Marybeth Everhart

Marybeth Everhart, RPR, CRI, has been reporting since 1980 and writing realtime since 1992. She has been a freelance reporter in the Baltimore-Washington area; an official reporter in Brisbane, Australia; provided CART services to such organizations as Self Help for Hard of Hearing and the Neurofibromatosis Foundation; captioned for Gallaudet University; managed a large, multi-office freelance firm; taught court reporting at all levels; and trained on numerous CAT systems over the years. Marybeth has been a certified advanced trainer for Eclipse since 1994 and has presented hundreds of seminars and trainings on dozens of Eclipse-related topics.

She is now the National Marketing Manager for Realtime Coach and works closely with reporting schools, firms, and court systems to increase speed and improve accuracy for students and working reporters. She has served as a member of the NCRA Future Group, the NCRA Reporter Education Commission, and is currently a member of both the Maryland Court Reporters Association Education Committee, and of the Council on Approved Student Education. Marybeth currently serves as a contributing editor to the Journal of Court Reporting and the Eclipse Users Group Newscache.

Though her experience and credentials are certainly noteworthy, anyone who has attended one of Marybeth’s seminars will tell you she is one of the best speakers ever to pick up a microphone. She knows her subject material thoroughly, of course, but she brings a terrific sense of humor to the podium as well. She interacts continually with her audiences and keeps everyone entertained as she teaches. Ask anyone who has attended one of her seminars. They’ll tell you they learned a lot and had a great time!

Presenter Name: Keith Vincent

Keith Vincent is a freelance reporter residing in Houston, Texas. Since 1992, he's been an Eclipse user, field tester, sales representative, trainer, and seminar presenter. During that time he's produced a steady stream of tools to help you take maximum advantage of the Eclipse CAT system. These include the Efficient Editing Tutorial and more than 250 short Visualizer movies that are built into Total Eclipse. Keith has also created the Eclipse Realtime Editing Kit, the Prefixes and Suffixes Kit, and the Conflicts Kit. In addition, he's developed eight video tutorials that have been approved by the National Court Reporters Association as a source of Continuing Education Units. Keith has a profound grasp of how Total Eclipse works and a gift for illustration so that you, too, can see, understand, and enjoy.

Presenter Name: Michael Starkman

Michael Starkman is a former freelance reporter from Pennsylvania. His father, Irv Starkman, is a well-known court reporter and firm owner in Philadelphia, so Michael grew up in the court reporting business. In 1997 he joined Eclipse as a sales representative and has since moved up to Director of Sales for the Mid-Atlantic Region. He is also a certified advanced Eclipse software trainer with over ten years of experience presenting and teaching Eclipse. During this time, Michael has done countless seminars. They include regular presentations at the ESP Network Meetings (the Eclipse Users’ Group), annual appearances as a speaker at both NCRA’s national conventions and at state conventions, and he has also provided many training seminars in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Michael has a presentation style that is both captivating and easy to follow. Michael's ability to present even the most complicated material in a clear, concise and entertaining fashion has helped him earn the praise of many of his seminar attendees. You're sure to benefit from attending a seminar at which Michael is the presenter.